What benefits does The Tennessee Appraiser Coalition Offer?


TAC in Action

TAC is proud to announce its work towards the greater good of our profession has made progress again today!

“Public Chapter 570, amends Tenn. Code Ann., Title 62, Chapter 39, relative to real estate appraisers. This change removes ... Read More

New Software Updates

Make sure you check your appraisal software for the latest UAD form. There will be a UAD compliant and non-UAD compliant form available for your use. If you can't locate the UAD compliant form, please contact your software provider.

New Partnership with a la mode

We're excited to announce that TAC is now a Community Partner with a la mode, the dominant national appraisal technology provider.  We look forward to working closely with them to strengthen the appraisal industry in Tennessee. Read More

What our members think:

TAC speaks out in support of Tennessee appraisers. Whether state or federal, legislative or administrative, this team is committed to communicating appraiser views, positions, needs and recommendations. WE HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY; WE INTEND TO SAY IT!

It is important to be a member of TAC as we, as appraisers, require support and representation of all appraisers on a state level to insure that the integrity of the profession is protected through legislative and watchdog initiatives.

Membership in TAC provides a opportunity to network with other Tennessee appraisers, to broaden ones resources and friendships, and to work together to strengthen and support our appraisal profession.

About TAC

TAC-Banner The On September 29, 2009, a group of appraisers came together for a meeting in Nashville to discuss the possibility of forming a state-wide coalition to promote and protect the legitimate interests of appraisers in our state. Because of the strong commitment shown by the appraisers at this meeting and other appraisers across our state; and after a series of additional group discussions, TAC was formally launched. Tennessee Appraiser Coalition (TAC) was founded as a non-profit corporation in Tennessee on January 5, 2010 by approximately 80 appraisers across the state. The formal launch of TAC represented the culmination of many months and years of informal discussions between appraisers from across our state about public policies and other important issues affecting our profession.

Creighton at Standifer Golf Luncheon MeetingA Political Action Committee  (TAC-PAC) was formed and within the first year drafted legislation that was passed to regulate Appraisal Management Companies (AMC’s) in the state of Tennessee. A clause in the legislation makes it illegal to force an appraiser to sign an indemnification clause. In addition, AMC’s must register and become licensed in the state of Tennessee. Legislative issues like this which concern the appraisal profession continue to be the main purpose of the TAC. TAC has since had a voice in Tennessee and not only supports numerous state candidates through our TAC-PAC but also had an influential voice is the passage of HB3191/SB 3155.

What else has TAC done?

1. Paased AMC Legislation in the state of Tennessee

2. Made it illegal to force any appraiser to sign an indemnification clause

3. Supported legislation to remove the 30 day requirement for Real Estate Appraisers to file before expiration of license or certification.

4. Supported legislation requiring fingerprints for real estate appraiser applications. This is with Federal compliance per the Frank Dodd Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010

5. Joined with A La Mode, Inc., in community partnership Program. Working together with the CPP supports the appraisal industry and serves as an advocate for appraisers.

6. Sponsored Continuing Educational Opportunities.

Please take the time to review our ‘How to Join’ section. We have tried to make joining TAC an easy decision and hope you will support our efforts.

We need all appraisers in Tennessee to join and help TAC stay strong.

Mission Statement: the Tennessee Appraiser Coalition  (TAC), a non-profit corporation, was formed by a diverse group of appraisers from across the state of Tennesee with the mission of promoting, protecting and improving the integrity of the appraisal profession. This includes the analysis and discussion of important appraisal related issues with the general public, policy makers, the media, and users of the appraisal services. It also includes the monitoring of political action with the intent to influence legislation, regulation, and public opinion toward the appraisal profession.



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