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Join TAC and become an advocate for the appraisal profession in Tennessee. We serve as a collective voice for appraisers. Our success depends on the volunteer efforts of appraisers who believe in the importance of improving the appraisal profession and maintaining a high level of public trust. We need the support of all appraisers across our state.

The Tennessee Appraiser Coalition (TAC) was founded as a non-profit corporation in Tennessee on January 5, 2010 by approximately 80 appraisers across the state. The formation of TAC represented the culmination of many months and years of discussions between appraisers about public policies and other important issues affecting our profession. One of the first successes of TAC was working to assure passage of HB 3191 / SB 3155, known as the Tennessee Appraisal Management Company Registration and Regulation Act, which became law in 2010. A political action committee, known as TAC-PAC, was also set up by TAC to support state candidates and legislative initiatives relating to the appraisal profession.

Members of TAC continue to make a difference in Tennessee. Recently, TAC helped bring together the Appraisal Institute, IRWA, NAIFA, and ASA to provide grassroots support and lobbyist funding for the passage of HB 376 / SB 279, known as the Appraiser Statute of Limitations Bill. Under this new law, which took effect on July 1, 2017, any action to recover damages against a real estate appraiser must be brought within one year from the discovery of the act of omission giving rise to the action. However, in no event can an action be brought more than five years after the date the appraisal was performed. Additionally, the Tennessee Real Estate Appraiser Commission cannot consider a complaint for a disciplinary action that relates to an appraisal that was completed more than three years before the complaint was submitted.

Passage of this bill was a big win for Tennessee appraisers and TAC would like to thank all of the organizations and volunteers who worked hard to helped get it done. It proved that positive changes can and do happen when appraisers work together toward a common goal of improving the appraisal profession.

To those of you who are not currently members of TAC, we encourage you to join, whether it is volunteering your time, attending our meetings or the Spring Forum, or donating funds to help with our legislative initiatives. This is your profession and TAC is working to promote and protect it.